Create, Build and Sustain meaningful relationships at work

Employees boost their internal network on iungo. For organizations, this means more idea sharing and higher productivity.

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For employees:

New encounters

Meet new people within your organization. Connect with those you never had the chance to get to know

Surprising discussions

Dare to engage with people outside of your bubble

Meaningful conversations

Hold quality one-one-one conversations. Catch up and exchange ideas

For their organization:

Sense of belonging

Create opportunities for employees to get to know their co-workers and be an important part of something bigger than themselves

Employee morale

Boost employee motivation through social interactions with their co-workers

Sharing of ideas and expertise

Provide employees a platform where they can exchange in an informal setting

How it works:


1. Join your organization’s Space

Create an account in your organization’s Space to join your community.

From there, you’ll be able to see and join venues created by your community members.

2. Select a Venue

Choose the subset of people you wish to be randomly connected with. This could be your department, an affinity group, or even the entire organization.

iungo works best if you all agree on a same date and time.

3. We connect you to your co-workers instantly

Our platform takes care of connecting you randomly with another live user from your community. This gives you the freedom to focus on the conversation.

Talk as long as you want, and when you feel ready, ask to be connected to somebody else.
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