iungo – Reconnecting people with their community

What we do

iungo allows people within an organization to make new encounters and have meaningful one-on-one conversations despite physical barriers. All of which boost employee morale, creativity and productivity through informal exchanges.

iungo is Latin for “I connect“, which reflects our deeper purpose.

Founder story

When the coronavirus hit the world in early 2020, Christophe was an MBA student at the Kellogg School of Management. What appealed him so much to that school was the strong sense of community that exists among students.

When he learned that the school would migrate to online classes as a response to the Coronavirus outbreak, Christophe felt deeply saddened by the lost opportunities to hang out with friends and meet the other amazing students in his class. As lockdowns and social distancing persisted, he experienced an increasingly growing need to have quality interactions with other human beings, even when we could not physically be together.

From this pain, iungo emerged. While the new company initially started as a way for students to meet virtually and get to know each other, we soon realized that not only students, but anyone within a community or organization, needed a better way to opportunity to create, build and sustain meaningful connections in a remote environment.

Remote work is here to stay. At iungo we strive to give people the opportunity to stay socially connected despite physical barriers.